Wir werden unter Regen warten

By Ihsan Othmann
Performed in German

On stage: seven dead. Seven refugees, drowned in the Mediterranean: a Jewish Somali woman, an Armenian Iraqi, a transgender Afghan, a Syrian-born Palestinian, a stateless Kurd, an opera singer from Tehran and a dervish dancer from Turkey - all of them tell stories of fragmented identities, cultural misunderstandings, conflicts and taboos. Also on stage: one living person. An official representative of the AfD, who sails over the drowned with his yacht, talking about the "dictatorship of the minorities".

"Wir werden unter Regen warten" by Kurdish theatre maker Ihsan Othmann is a project dealing with issues of escape, home and belonging. Othmann himself came to Germany in 1992 as a deserter of the Iraqi army. Our of a mosaic of individual tales and fates, he weaves a panorama of the most diverse themes: the question of the existence of God is as controversially discussed as the role of women in society or the condemnation of homosexuality.

Where do you come from? Why have you fled? How will you get to Europe? What are your hopes for the future? These simple questions are developed into a touching text, powerful, painful, comical and surreal.

OPENS: 13 September 2017


Director Ihsan Othmann
Stage & Costumes Susanne Füller


Premiere | World PremiereWartburg19:30
World PremiereWartburg19:30
World PremiereWartburg19:30
World PremiereWartburg19:30