Wie's Baden mal war

A theatre project by Adriana Altaras

Two ladies and three men sit around a games table. They tell each other stories of how they lived their lives, whether they have done bad things or made others happy. They play-act their life stories, adding other variants and imagining other possibilities: everything could have been different. They sing together to pass the time and to make the moment more memorable.

Then, the table is elegantly set for an evening meal in the dining room of a spa house, a long time ago, perhaps at the turn of the century. Our five characters suddenly become old-fashioned figures, but their needs, dreams and desires are they would be today. Their songs are from operettas, they sing old
Schlager, and the mood has a taste of decadence.

When faced with the decision, would they do it all the same again?

OPENS: 28 April 2018