By Harold Pinter
Performed in German

Jerry and Emma have betrayed their spouses for years. To make matters worse, Emma is married to Jerry's best friend, Robert. When the affair finally ends, Jerry and Emma meet up one more time, only to realise that betrayal is omnipresent: not only did Robert cheat on his wife, but he was actually aware of his wife's relationship with Jerry for many years.

Nobel Prize winner Harold Pinter employs a novel trick in "Betrayal": he lets the action unfold in reverse chronological order. Bit by bit, the audience begins to understand how the disillusioned people they see at the beginning have come to be the way they are. And how, over a long period of time, they continue to ensnare themselves in a tight web of deceit, lies and self-delusion.

Pinter's 1977 drama continues to impress with its psychological accuracy. Perhaps the narrative was informed by his own personal experience, because two decades after the play's premiere, it was revealed that he had had an affair with a television presenter for seven years. Nevertheless, the piece is not an autobiography, and in the author's s own words: "Truth in drama is forever elusive."


Director & Stage Designer Matthias Schaller
Costume Designer Julia Brülisauer
Dramaturgy Wolfgang Behrens, Anika Bárdos
Emma Sybille Weiser
Jerry Tim Kramer
Robert Thomas Peters
Waiter Michael Beranek