Der fröhliche Weinberg

The Merry Vineyard
By Carl Zuckmayer
Performed in German

Carl Zuckmayer (1896 - 1977) was brought up in Mainz and saw action on the Western Front during World War I. In 1917 he published a collection of pacifist war poems. His first plays did not do well but in 1924 he became a dramaturg at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin, alongside Bertolt Brecht. There, his play "Der fröhliche Weinberg" (The Merry Vineyard, 1925) won him the Kleist Prize. The play's pivotal character is the ageing vineyard owner Gunderloch, who wants to see his daughter Klärchen married - comically, of course, to the wrong man: snooty German Corps student Knuzius. The young Rhine boatman Jochen Most would be a much more attractive catch...

* Students from the University of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt


Director Henriette Hörnigk
Stag & Costume Designer Henrike Engel
Musical Director Frank Bangert
Dramaturgy Laura Weber
Jean Baptiste Benjamin Krämer-Jenster
Klärchen Gunderloch Mira Benser
Knuzius Paul Simon
Frau Eismayer Karoline Reinke
Babettchen Eismayer Christina Tzatzaraki
Jochen Most Felix Strüven
Annemarie Most Anne Lebinsky
Rindsfuß Thorsten Heidel
Frau Rindsfuß Evelyn M. Faber
Hahnesand Nicolas Matthews*
Löbche Bär Martin Plass
Kurrle Philippe Ledun*
Stopski Felix Vogel*
Herr Eismayer Frank Bangert, Ulrich Bareiss