First performance of the stage adaptation based on the film "Toulouse" by David Schalko
Performed in German

David Schalko is a cult figure, at least in Austria, where the well-known saying "David Schalko is world-famous in Austria" frequently circulates. But Schalko has also developed a fan base here in Germany through the brilliant TV series "Braunschlag", for which he wrote the script and directed.

Yet he is no newcomer to theatre and his new two-man play, "Toulouse", which now celebrates its German premiere here at the Wiesbaden State Theatre, focuses on a long-divorced couple, Silvia and Gustav, who meet again for the last time somewhere in a hotel room on the coast. Unfortunately, Gustav told his new girlfriend, who just happens to be pregnant with his child, that he had gone to Toulouse on business. There, however, terrorists, have just blown up the conference hotel!

What is "Toulouse" actually - comedy, time piece, well-made play or farce? Perhaps a bit of everything, even cult.


Director Caroline Stolz
Stage Designer Matthias Schaller
Costume Designer Julia Brülisauer
Dramaturgy Anika Bárdos, Wolfgang Behrens


PremiereWartburg19:30 - 22:30