Der Kontrabaß

The Double Bass
Comedic one-act play by Patrick Süskind
With Benjamin Krämer-Jenster
Performed in German

Photo: Laura Weber

"Tell me if you can why a grown man in his mid-thirties, namely me, should have to live with an instrument that's a constant handicap to him?! Humanly, socially, sexually, musically, in traffic – nothing but a handicap!"

Patrick Süskind's "Der Kontrabaß" deals with the love-hate relationship between an anonymous, ageing double bassist - member of a state orchestra - and his double bass. Benjamin Krämer-Jenster, long-time member of the Wiesbaden State Theatre's drama ensemble, is the man with the double bass in this enigmatic one-man piece. Last celebrated for his outstanding dance contribution in "Hangmen", Krämer-Jenster now makes his debut as frustrated orchestra musician, musing and cursing about life, work, love and art.