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Fundraising Campaign:
"Starthilfe" - Welcome to the Theatre

Through a donation of your choice, you will enable new refugee residents of Wiesbaden to visit the theatre, thereby introducing them to the city's cultural life. The recipients will be able to choose from all productions on the State Theatre's varied programme.

Theatre Magazine

"Andererseits" (German for "on the other hand" or "then again") is the name of our theatre magazine. On the one hand, we as a theatre draw much of our inspiration from the literary greats, but on the other hand we are equally inspired by (urban) life itself. Our magazine looks at the arts - and life - from various angles and delights in sharing interesting, fresh and new perspectives.

Ballet Extra

As a mostly "wordless" art form, dance has a fascinating immediacy and directness, yet it also triggers many questions. We offer a series of opportunities to articulate and clarify these questions, creating a communicative space where dance-specifics can be openly discussed between audience and dance professional. Our open rehearsals offer the opportunity to experience the working conditions of dancers more closely, while pre-performance and public talks ensure a deeper and more informed understanding of the particular production.

Please refer to the latest monthly schedule for current Ballet Extra dates and offers.

Pre-performance Talks

Our dramaturgs present pre-performance talks and introductions before selected performances, offering an insight into the particular work and its staging process.

Pre-concert talks on the evening's programme are offered before all eight of our symphony concerts, starting 1 hour before each performance.

We also offer introductory talks before selected opera performances, the dates and details of which are published in the Opera Extra section of the monthly schedules.

In Good Company

The booklet "In Good Company", in which members of the Drama ensemble pair off and introduce themselves to the public, is published at the beginning of the season. Through a series of short interviews, set in a gastronomic location of their choice, the actors question and photograph each other. In the performance series by the same name, they meet in a gastronomic environment once again, but this time the action is live and public. The comfortable bar atmosphere of Wiesbaden's "Wohnzimmer" venue provides the perfect environment for the actors to entertain both themselves and the audience with surprising conversation, texts, music and/or action. From important dialogues about the meaning of life to more light-hearted themes, the diverse series is intended to bring the audience closer together. Best of all, everything happens in good company and in a comfortable atmosphere, just like one's own living room. And there is no need to tidy up afterwards!


Our teasers, accompanying new productions in the Opera department, present an insight into real rehearsal situations. These sessions begin with and introduction by the production team, choreographer, or conductor, along with the dramaturgs, who describe the general outline and concept behind the production. Thereafter, you may look in on a number of diverse rehearsal situations, such as musical sessions with singers and a pianist, a technical rehearsal (including set design and lighting) or one with the orchestra. Please note the availability of these rehearsals is subject to the prevailing production schedule.
Teasers in the Drama department do not normally feature a piano or musical director (although it has been known to happen!), but all the other components, as described above, can also be experienced here.
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Passione – Passion for Opera

Author, literary expert and opera connoisseur Elke Heidenreich is committed to bringing the public both closer to the libretto, as well as to the music and artists involved in the production. In “Passione”, she invites singers, directors, conductors, dramaturgs and other important participants in a new production to engage in conversation. Over a glass of wine or a cup of coffee (depending on the time of day), these events run the conversational gamut from anecdotes to history, atmosphere to hard facts, all in a very personal and intimate manner.

Battle of the Singers at Wartburg

In medieval times one would have called it Battle of the Singers, but nowadays it's simply referred to as Slam. Whether poetry, singing, karaoke, talent show, open stage or any other performance type imaginable, we showcase a wide array of fantastic talent on stage in this, our contemporary 21st century Battle, now at Wiesbaden's Wartburg. This project is a collaboration with the Wiesbaden Slam Community.

Drama Forum

We are very happy to continue our long-valued collaboration with the Circle of Friends of the Hessian State Theatre, and jointly invite you to matinees and selected productions. Directors, actors and dramaturgs will also present morning talks about the specific production taking place that evening. These discussions also include a special guest from the field of politics, business or culture, thus adding a special perspective to the discussed piece.

Salón Tango

Tango-lovers will once again get what their hearts desire this season! Choreographer and dance legend Gabriel Sala, together with the Argentinian bass-baritone and tango dancer Matias Tosi, will enchant you with their dance moves. Audience members may either take part in the dancing, or just observe.

Guided Theatre Tours

We offer guided group tours of the Hessian State Theatre's facilities, include the workshops, technical departments and many other areas pertaining to the various stages.

The tours are organised by the technical department (Tel. 0611 132 211) and the Theaterwerkstatt (Tel. 0611 132 270). There is also a monthly tour, which is announced in the programme.

Theatre without Barriers

Barrier-free productions in the operatic, dramatic and JUST departments will continue as before. In these productions, sign language interpreters concurrently translate for the audience, while we also reserve specific seats in the front rows to allow for an unobstructed view of the interpreters.  In this way, all members of the audience, both with and without hearing challenges, are guaranteed to enjoy the evening together. We are also happy to offer special shows for schools for the hearing impaired. If you are interested, please contact our office for Groups and Schools at gruppenticket@staatstheater-wiesbaden.de.


Theatre Round Table

Enlightening and entertaining talks about the theatre and the current productions, featuring performers from the Opera, Drama and Dance divisions. If you’d like to share your interest for the shows or openly discuss the current season, this is the right place.

Tel: 0611.504 7981

Theatre Workshop

Theatre Pedagogy at the Hessian State Theatre: In tandem with members from all our departments we offer a well-rounded programme for all different interests in the areas of opera, drama and dance. In addition to the timeless classic topics, new influences and ideas also feature on the programme.

Have a look, join in and tell your friends!

Priska Janssens
Telephone 0611 132 270
E-mail theaterwerkstatt@staatstheater-wiesbaden.de

Christine Rupp-Kuhl
Telephone 0611 132 270
E-mail theaterpaedagogik@staatstheater-wiesbaden.de

Tonight or Never

Some ideas, no matter how established or spontaneous, need to be given a voice, and fortunately we have many different platforms just for this purpose.  Whenever resident performers or artists stumble upon striking new ideas and/or interesting performance spaces, we invite you to come explore them with us – here and now, or never. Allow us to surprise you with a unique "Happening": anything from an experimental theatrical event to a literary soiree, taking place for ONE NIGHT only – so don’t miss it!

Theatre Spotlight: Teasers for Teachers

These are guided tours during the final rehearsal phases of emerging productions. On selected dates, our dramaturgs guide you through the details and backgrounds of the specific production, followed by a stage rehearsal visit, where you may experience the creative process more closely.

On offer especially for teachers, Spotlight Theatre provides unique insights into the backstage world. We will welcome you in an intimate circle before the tour, where you also have the opportunity to greet the director and the performers personally. Following the rehearsal, there will be a small soiree with champagne and pretzels to discuss your impressions and answer your questions. We look forward to meeting you!
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VHS Theatre Courses

In collaboration with the Volkshochschule Wiesbaden, this series is open to both theatre buffs and newcomers, and offers the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of the season’s opera, drama and dance productions. Dramaturgs from the State Theatre will approach and discuss selected productions from several angles, delving into the historical, biographical, aesthetic and textual contexts of these works. There will be discussions concerning rehearsals, artists and performers, as well as reports about authors, coming events and projects. Additionally, lively discussion on past productions is also encouraged. Course topics focus on the current season’s productions, and pertinent dates will be published in the programme of the Volkshochschule Wiesbaden.

Please apply via Volkshochschule Wiesbaden. Participants are eligible for discounted theatre tickets.


Since the beginning of 2015, hospitality and catering at the Hessian State Theatre in Wiesbaden is offered by Wiesbadener Operngastronomie GmbH. Boasting a wide selection of food and drinks, the service bar can be found in its usual place in the foyer of the Großes Haus (Main Theatre). Additionally, a selection of drinks and pretzels are available in the Second Circle (between the right and left staircases), as well as at the cloakroom counter of the Kleines Haus (Small Theatre).

For reservations or further queries, please contact Wiesbadener Operngastronomie GmbH:

Telephone 0611 580 181 49
E-Mail info@wiesbadener-operngastronomie.de
Web www.wiesbadener-operngastronomie.de

Video Series

"Zu Besuch..."

By its nature, the word "theatre" conjures up images of opera singers, actors and directors at work. Yet, there are many equally interesting and important people who work endlessly in various other departments to ensure the success of a production. Our video series "Zu Besuch..." (Visiting...) aims to introduce these people to you.