Guilty Landscapes

Th, 23.08.2018
Wiesbaden BiennaleEhemalige Volksbank am Ring15:00 - 21:00
Photo: Kevin McElvaney

The flashing images of far-away crisis regions are omnipresent in oureveryday lives. Whether on our smartphone, laptop or the news  screens in train stations ... We are constantlymade witnesses of the effects of the global economy. Whether we want to or not,we can’t escape these images. Do we carry the responsibility for suffering onthe other side of the world?Do we feel guilty? Or do we reduce the people affectedto victims too quickly? In “Guilty  Landscapes”,Dries Verhoeven turns the visual axis around. Because in his video installation,the people from the news on the other side of the world look back at us andinto our eyes. One to one – an eye to eye encounter. Poetic, confusing and deeplypersonal. In 2016, Dries Verhoeveasked Wiesbaden residents to take part in aritual of mourning for our community’s values with his bacchanal funeral ceremonies.This year he will arrange an encounter with the hinterland of globalisation andwill ask the unasked question of the subtlepolitics of media images.