Cock, cock.. Who's There?

Performatives Pornokino
Su, 02.09.2018
Wiesbaden BiennaleStudio19:00
Photo: Samira Elagoz

“Cock Cock.. Who’s There?” is a documentary and a performance at thesame time: a young, attractive woman enters the stage, self-confident, relaxed,almost unconcerned. Behind her is a large screen. The story she tells beginswith a rape. She herself is the starting point for a project that’s somewherebetween self-imposed exposure therapy and an experimental film. Samira Elagozmet with various different men online and then recorded her dates with them.Through the camera’s gaze, she studies her own effect and the mechanisms ofattraction and assault, sexuality and violence. The audience becomes witness toa self-experiment: sometimes gently poetic, then shockingly vulnerable orrebelliously confrontational. With impressive aesthetic power and cunningcharm, Samira Elagoz gives her audience insight into an honest exploration ofthe meaning of intimacy and gender relations in the digital age.