JUST | 4+

Ente, Tod und Tulpe

Duck, Death and the Tulip
By Nora Dirisamer, based on the book by Wolf Erlbruch
Performed in German
Su, 07.10.2018
PremiereStudio15:00 - 16:30
Duck lives content and alone on the pond. She loves her freedom and keeps to a well-regulated daily schedule. Her hobby is to feed from the bottom of the pond and find things which people have lost in the water.

But one day, something unusual happens. Duck becomes aware that she is being watched and followed. And then, suddenly, she sees Death before her. She is frightened at first, but then she actually finds Death to be quite pleasant. And that was the start of an unusual friendship between Duck, who still wanted to experience so much, and Death, who had to learn that Duck is rather an unusual and wayward creature.



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