3rd Symphony Concert
Sergei Prokofiev "The Love for Three Oranges" Suite
Clemens Rynkowski Concerto for Theremin and Orchestra (World premiere)
Robert Schumann Symphony No. 4
We, 07.11.2018
Sound which seems to come from the future, an almost disembodied singing: the tones of the Theremin are "plucked" from the air without requiring any direct contact with the instrument. No wonder that the Theremin, developed by Léon Theremin in 1920, has since left a strong imprint on science fiction film soundtracks. The young composer and thereminist Clemens Rynkowski now gives the world premiere performance of his specially composed Theremin Concerto.

Prokoviev's opera "The Love for Three Oranges" was composed in 1921, at the same time as the invention of the Theremin. The faith in progress of electronic music also made an impact on Prokovief's music and is evident in the stomping percussion passages and the metal-gleaming brass entries. Rhythm is also a striking feature of Schumann's Symphony in D minor, whose continuous four movements are full of motivic ideas and references.


Theremin Clemens Rynkowski


7th Symphony Concert
19:00 Introduction in the Friedrich-von-Thiersch-Saal
8th Symphony Concert