Der Floh im Ohr

A Flea in Her Ear
By Georges Feydeau
Performed in German
Th, 28.02.2019
Grosses Haus19:30
What an absurdity! To provide a short synopsis for this comedy seems almost impossible - for that, the sequence of events in Georges Feydeau's comedy are just too turbulent. However, this can be said: after many years of wedding bliss, Madame Chandebise has begun to doubt the fidelity of her husband. In order to prove her suspicions, she decides to set a trap, writing him a letter from a fictitious and anonymous admirer, requesting a rendezvous at a hotel with dubious reputation. When Monsieur Chandebise receives the letter, however, he has no interest in such an affair and believes the invitation from the mysterious woman was meant for his best friend Tournel, a handsome bachelor, to whom he then passes on the invitation. What could have been an easily clarified misunderstanding now grows into an unbelievable jumble, with numerous other members of the Chandebise household rushing to the fleabag hotel, each with their own "good" intentions. Included in the comedy of errors is an alcoholic hotel porter, who is a dead ringer for Monsieur Chandebise. And finally the inevitable happens: amidst all the chaos, the hotel porter finds himself in the arms of an upper-class lady, while Monsieur Chandebise takes a beating from the hotel owner.


Victor Emmanuel Chandebise/Poche Michael Birnbaum
Camille Chandebise Linus Schütz
Romain Tournel Felix Strüven
Dr. Finache Uwe Kraus
Don Carlos Homenides De Histangua Matze Vogel
Augustin Ferraillon Gottfried Herbe
Etienne Thomas Jansen
Rugby Frank Bettinger
Baptistin Benjamin Krämer-Jenster
Raymonde Chandebise Mira Benser
Lucienne Homenidès de Histangua Llewellyn Reichman
Olympe Ferraillon Evelyn M. Faber
Antoinette Christina Tzatzaraki