JUST | 6+

Jenny Hübner greift ein

Jenny Hübner Intervenes
By Hartmut El Kurdi
Performed in German
Su, 16.06.2019
PremiereStudio15:00 - 16:30
"Dangerous cases, life-threatening ones, even. Knee-shaking, I'm-going-to-wee-myself cases! Those people who find themselves drawn a little too deeply into a story, they've come to the right place!"

If you're sucked straight into a story you're reading and find yourself in the midst of a life-threatening adventure, only one person can help: Jenny Hübner and her mobile rescue squad! Denis is the latest victim. He has just landed on the deck of a pirate ship through the tattered pages of an adventure book. Jenny must act quickly to save Denis from his fate!


Director & Designer Irina Ries


PremiereStudio15:00 - 16:30