Claudia Arraiza, Tenald Zace, Anissa Bruley
Photo: Regina Brocke
Valeria Lampadova, Miyuki Shimizu
Photo: Regina Brocke
Vítek Kořínek
Photo: Regina Brocke
Vítek Kořínek, Shelby Williams
Photo: Regina Brocke
Valeria Lampadova
Photo: Regina Brocke
Valeria Lampadova, Tenald Zace
Photo: Regina Brocke
Valeria Lampadova, Ensemble
Photo: Regina Brocke
Valeria Lampadova, Ensemble
Photo: Regina Brocke

During the previous season, Tim Plegge's "Aschenputtel" was a resounding success: "Even without mice, fairies and ostentatious magic coach - yet not without fairytale charm - the piece was simply spot-on".
Wiesbadener Kurier

The well-known Cinderella fairytale is a touching story of love and coming of age.  Before they can determine their own destiny, Cinderella and her prince must free themselves from their oppressive domestic structures – she from tyranny and he from stifling and narrow-minded family traditions. Loved by children and adults alike, the Hessian State Ballet will once again tell Cinderella’s fascinating story this season, set to the romantic music of Sergei Prokofiev and new compositions by Jörg Gollasch.


Conductor Benjamin Schneider
Choreography Tim Plegge
Music Sergej Prokofjew, Jörg Gollasch
Stage Designer Sebastian Hannak
Costume Designer Judith Adam
Dramaturgy Esther Dreesen-Schaback
Cinderella Carolinne de Oliveira, Ezra Rudakova
Mother Miyuki Shimizu, Lara Peinado
Father David Cahier, Denislav Kanev
Stepmother Lara Peinado, Ludmila Komkova
Stepsister 1 Aurélie Patriarca, Seraphine Detscher
Stepsister 2 Polett Kasza, Stellina Nadine Jonot
Prince Aaron Shaw, James Nix
Friend of the Prince Jean-Baptiste Plumeau, Tatsuki Takada
Queen Margaret Howard, Clémentine Herveux
King Igli Mezini, Taulant Shehu
Birds / Attendees at the Ball Hessisches Staatsballett
Accompanied by Hessische Staatsorchester Wiesbaden