Chamber Music Society of the Hessian State Orchestra | Wiesbaden | Germany

Making of:
Wie Shakespeare zu »Romeo & Julia« kam

The children from two hostile families fall in love with each other, but their story is destined to end in misfortune. They fight for their impossible love through times of hatred and violence - a topic which has captivated people from all walks of life for centuries. In this production, actress Chris Pichiler and instrumentalists from the Hessian State Orchestra trace the sources from which Shakespeare wove his drama. Novellas by Italian poets meet "Romeo and Juliet"-inspired compositions by Sergei Prokofiev, Charles Gounod, Jules Mouquet and Vincent d'Indy.


Concept, Design and Narration Chris Pichler
Bläserensemble des Hessischen Staatsorchesters Wiesbaden
Flute Thomas Richter
Oboe, Cor Anglais Franz-Josef Wahle
Clarinet Tomas Eckardt, Dörte Sehrer
French Horn Jens Hentschel, Lioba Giesbert
Bassoon Beatrix Lindemann, Oskar Münchgesang