Symphony Concert
Johann Sebastian Bach Cantata BWV 82 "Ich habe genug"
Olivier Messiaen "Trois petites liturgies de la présence divine" for women's voices and Orchestra
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Requiem for Chorus and Orchestra (Version: Franz Beyer)

What happens to us when we transition from this world into the afterlife is beyond our understanding. The fear of now knowing can either strike one with awe or strengthen one's faith. The paradoxical emotions of darkness and light often find expression in music; the farewell to life and the long-awaited encounter with God. In Bach's Cantata BWV 82, the bass accompaniment strides forward relentlessly, while the singing voice and solo oboe cry out "Ich habe genug" in joyful confidence: with eternal sleep comes salvation. Olivier Messiaen, who wrote his "Three Small Liturgies of the Divine Presence" during a crisis of faith in the occupied Pairs of 1943/44, saw things quite differently. The sweetness of the soundscape consisting of high women's voices, celesta, vibraphone, piano and the unusual Ondes Martenot instrument is a stark contrast to the rest of the concert programme. Although he feverishly fought against his illness, Mozart was unable to fully complete his Requiem, a piece in which his own emotional dialogue with God is palpable in the work's music and dramatic context.

The Wiesbaden City Choir and the Opera Chorus of the Wiesbaden State Theatre join forces with the Hessian State Orchestra in this annual choral concert. Patrick Lange is on the podium.


Conductor Patrick Lange
Chorus Master: Chorus of the Wiesbaden State Theatre Albert Horne
Chorus Master: Wiesbaden City Choir Christoph Stiller
Baritone Benjamin Russell
Soprano Jana Baumeister
Alto Silvia Hauer
Tenor Joel Scott
Bass Young Doo Park
Chor des Hessischen Staatstheaters Wiesbaden, Chor der Stadt Wiesbaden