Der Club

The Club
Based on the novel by Takis Würger
Performed in German

In the Spring of 2017, SPIEGEL editor Takis Würger achieved an impressive coup: his debut novel "Der Club" became an almost overnight success, flying from the shelves and dominating the bestseller lists.

In his book, Würger tells the thrilling story of German orphan Hans Stichler. When Hans' only relative, his aunt, offers him a scholarship to the University Cambridge and he ends up having to solve a crime in return for her charity, he doesn't know what he is getting himself into. He manages to become a member of the male-dominated elite Pitt Club and falls in love with Charlotte, who inducts him into the world of the snobs. But soon he must realise that before the backdrop of Chesterfield sofas, crystal chandeliers, marquetry furniture and animal trophies, things happen that nobody talks about. Even Charlotte seems to be hiding something. Behind the heavy doors of the legendary Pitt club, Hans must decide whether the ends justify the means.

Würger masterfully intertwines crime with love story, creating believable figures and describing a world full of power and violence, snobbery, class differences, loss of control and boxing. A book which is squarely in line with the current #MeToo debate.