Der Idiot

The Idiot
Based on the novel by Fjodor M. Dostojewski
Adapted for the stage by Beka Savić
Performed in German
Fr, 03.05.2019
Kleines Haus19:30
The title is an ironic reference to the central character of the novel, Prince Lev Nikolaevich Myshkin, a young man whose goodness, open-hearted simplicity and guilelessness lead many of the more worldly characters he encounters to mistakenly assume that he lacks intelligence and insight. In the character of Prince Myshkin, Dostoevsky set himself the task of depicting "the positively good and beautiful man." The novel examines the consequences of placing such a unique individual at the centre of the conflicts, desires, passions and egoism of worldly society, both for the man himself and for those with whom he becomes involved. The result, according to philosopher A.C. Grayling, is "one of the most excoriating, compelling and remarkable books ever written; and without question one of the greatest."


Director Beka Savić
Stage Designer Céline Demars
Costume Designer Anna Hostert
Music Draško Adžić
Dramaturgy Wolfgang Behrens
Prince Myshkin Tobias Lutze
Rogózhin Atef Vogel
Nastasya Filippovna Llewellyn Reichman
Agláya / Várya Christina Tzatzaraki
General Epanchin / General Ivolgin Thorsten Heidel
Lizaveta Epanchin / Nina Ívolgina Evelyn M. Faber
Ganya Ardalionovich / Ippolit Terentyev Christoph Kohlbacher