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Die Unschuldigen, ich und die Unbekannte am Rand der Landstraße

The Innocent, Me and the Unknown Woman by the Side of the Road
by Peter Handke
Performed in German
World premiere: February 2016 at the Burgtheater in Vienna
In cooperation with the Berliner Ensemble

Christopher Nell
Photo: Georg Soulek
Christopher Nell
Photo: Monika Rittershaus
Christopher Nell, Ensemble
Photo: Monika Rittershaus
Christopher Nell
Photo: Monika Rittershaus
Photo: Monika Rittershaus
Martin Schwab, Christopher Nell
Photo: Monika Rittershaus
Christopher Nell, Martin Schwab
Photo: Monika Rittershaus
Christopher Nell
Photo: Monika Rittershaus
Ensemble, Christopher Nell
Photo: Monika Rittershaus
Claus Peymann & Peter Handke
Photo: Thomas Jantzen

The location: a country road, a “common country road”? The protagonist(s): “I”, seated by the side of this country road, alternating between narrator and dramatic player. “I” experiences the road as “the last free road in this world, the last un-nationalised, un-socialised, uncharted, un-geologised, un-botanised, un-Googled, non-public and non-private thoroughfare on earth”. This world, this last free space, must be defended at all costs against the “country road occupiers”, who innocently go alone or with others – with many – along this road; they are called “The Innocent”. And there is the “Unknown Woman”, the beautiful, desirable and “long-awaited” one on the country road.
Since working together for the first time in 1966 on “Publikumsbeschimpfung” (Offending the Audience), Claus Peymann has consistently premiered the plays of Peter Handke. Following its recent world premiere in Vienna, the Maifestspiele audience now has an exclusive opportunity to experience the production in Wiesbaden before it moves over to Peymann’s Berliner Ensemble.

Language: German        

Accompanying Event(s)

Film programme at the Caligari FilmBühne
Part of the 2016 International May Festival

Der Himmel über Berlin (Wings of Desire)
Director: Wim Wenders
Country: West Germany, France
Release Date: 1987
Languages: German, English, French, Turkish, Hebrew, Spanish, Japanese
Duration: 127 min
With: Curt Bois, Bruno Ganz, Otto Sander


Director Claus Peymann
Stage Designer Karl-Ernst Herrmann
Costume Designer Margit Koppendorfer
Dramaturgy Jutta Ferbers & Anke Geidel
Lighting Designer Karl-Ernst Herrmann, Friedrich Rom / Ulrich Eh
Moritz Eggert, David Müllner / Alexander Bramann
"I", alternating between "I, Narrator" & "I, Dramatic Player" Christopher Nell
The Innocent (no small number, among them my Doppelganger) Krista Birkner, Anatol Käbisch, Luca Schaub, Hermann Scheidleder, Martin Schneider, Felix Strobel, Fabian Stromberger, Jörg Thieme
The Spokesman of the Innocent or: Chief / Capo Martin Schwab
The Spokeswoman of the Innocent or: Woman Chief / Woman Maria Happel
The Unknown Woman on the Road Regina Fritsch