Leonard Bernstein (1918 – 1990)
Musical comedy in two acts
Sung in German
Libretto: Hugh Wheeler, based on the novel "Candide, Or Optimism" by Voltaire
Vocal texts: Richard Wilbur, with fragments of Stephen Sondheim, John Latouche, Dorothy Parker, Lillian Hellman and Leonard Bernstein
Premiere: 1956 in New York
Fr, 07.06.2019
Final performance!Grosses Haus19:30 - 22:20
Romina Boscolo, Gloria Rehm, William Saetre, Aaron Cawley, Wolfgang Vater
Photo: Paul Leclaire
Photo: Paul Leclaire
William Saetre, Tänzer, Chor
Photo: Paul Leclaire
Wolfgang Vater, Benjamin Russell, Victoria Lambourn, Gloria Rehm, Aaron Cawley
Photo: Paul Leclaire
Photo: Paul Leclaire
Gloria Rehm, Tänzer
Photo: Paul Leclaire
Nathaniel Webster, Romina Boscolo, Benedikt Nawrath
Photo: Paul Leclaire
Aaron Cawley, Tänzer, Chor
Photo: Paul Leclaire
Aaron Cawley, Tänzer
Photo: Paul Leclaire
Victoria Lambourn, Aaron Cawley, Chor
Photo: Paul Leclaire

Do you live in the best of all possible worlds? If so you have a partner in Candide. As the illegitimate son of baron of Thunder-ten-Tronck’s sister, he is under the tuition of Pangloss whose philosophy is simply that; all that happens is for the best.
Based on Voltaire’s famous novel, published in 1759 with the addition of »… Or Optimism,« which gives an ironic indication of the collapse of reality in God’s most perfect world. In defiance against this optimism a group of young American intellectual artists formed around the musical genius Leonard Bernstein, and arose a corpus full of intelligent protest, satire and unmasking of timeless nuisances of bigotry and stupidity in the new world. In the context of fifties America, the land of opportunities, it was about the denunciation of lawsuits against un-American behaviours. Even today the characters are still able to portray the absurd processes and uncontrollable dangers that they themselves and those next to them face.
As a first class tourist in catastrophe, Candide is stuck down further by misfortune when he tries to face it with subservience and honesty. Cast out by his family for not keeping with their class, he seeks out his great love Kunigunde. This journey sees him fall prey to an earthquake in Lisbon, be persuaded by the inquisition and forced to join the army, bare witness to the abuse of different religions and authorities for personal profit. He faces vice, degeneracy, betrayal and mortal diseases – but nothing can stop him from believing in a meaningful and good destiny. No taboo is great enough for him to give up his compelled optimism.
Have you ever become a victim of reality as well? In that case go together with Candide on a journey through world- and opera-history, let yourself be accompanied by Bernstein’s brilliant, exciting sounds and land at the end of this eventful evening. Where? Perhaps simply in your own dreams about an easy and calm life. Or is that too optimistic?


Conductor Albert Horne
Director Bernd Mottl
Stage & Costume Designer Friedrich Eggert
Choreography Götz Hellriegel
Lighting Designer Andreas Frank
Chorus Master Albert Horne
Dramaturgy Regine Palmai
Revival Director Magdalena Weingut
Voltaire, Pangloss, Cacambo, Martin Wolfgang Vater
Candide Thomas Blondelle
Cunégonde Meechot Marrero
Old Lady Romina Boscolo
Paquette Lena Haselmann
Maximilian Benjamin Russell
First Officer et al. Julian Habermann
Governor et al. Ralf Rachbauer
Second Inquisitor et al. Nathaniel Webster
Bear Keeper Aldomir Mollov
Cosmetics Seller Kyoung-Soon Kim
King / Doctor Christian Balzer
Dancers (Dance Captain) Myriam Lifka
Dancers Madeline Ferricks-Rosevear, Gal Fefferman, Valeriya Dmitrenko, Eri Geen, Rouven Pabst, Jasper Hanebuth, Manuel Gaubatz, Christian Meusel, Moritz Fabian, Nami Miwa (Swing)
Chor des Hessischen Staatstheaters Wiesbaden, Hessisches Staatsorchester Wiesbaden