Väterchen Frost

Father Frost
Christmas production, based on Russian fairy tales | Adapted by Carsten Kochan
Performed in German
We, 22.11.2017
Grosses Haus11:00
This season the Youth State Theatre delves into the age-old world of Russian fairy tales with its rich tradition of figures, symbols and motives. The story of "Father Frost" has all the ingredients to entertain young and old. There is the good, beautiful and innocent young girl, sent into the cold winter forest by her evil stepmother and relentless stepsisters. A young hero who, at first, offers no good, appears on the scene, along with the evil witch Baba Jaga. And before the good and wise Father Frost can lead everything to a happy end befitting of Christmas, the protagonists must first embark on an adventure filled with magical moments, robbers, forest spirits and other curiosities.

Combined with Wolfgang Böhmer's lively music and songs, "Father Frost" guarantees a magical Christmas experience for the whole family.


Director Carsten Kochan
Stage & Costume Designer Claudia Weinhart
Music Wolfgang Böhmer
Tom van Hasselt, Jessica Krüger, Annabelle Mierzwa, Oliver Porst, Carsten Kochan
Jessica Krüger, Martin Plass, Annabelle Mierzwa, Sophie Pompe, Tom Gerngroß, Eleni Tsaousidou, Nora Kühnlein, Jana Saxler, Miriam Zeller, Renée Stulz


PremiereGrosses Haus15:00
Grosses Haus11:00
Grosses Haus11:00
Grosses Haus11:00