Su, 07.04.2019
Grosses Haus16:00 - 18:10
15:30 Introduction in the Foyer
Photo: Regina Brocke
Photo: Regina Brocke
Photo: Regina Brocke
Photo: Regina Brocke
Photo: Regina Brocke
Photo: Regina Brocke
Photo: Regina Brocke
Photo: Regina Brocke

For his next creative venture with the Hessian State Ballet, Tim Plegge takes his cue from the 1909 play "Liliom" by Ferenc Molnár, which takes a peek behind the facade of bourgeois society.

In search of a better life, the protagonists of this suburban tale ask themselves the timeless question: can a person change or do we remain inherently the same? How does this circle of life - in which we repeatedly come across the same issues and fall into the same patters - actually work? Can we break free from its monotony? Where does it all lead and is there a better life? For Liliom, a tough, cocky, good-for-nothing carousel barker, this search will soon lead to disaster.  He loses his job after falling in love with Julie, a maid, and rebelling against the carousel operator. Julie, who remains devoted to him, also gets fired.

Soon, this life of free love on the opposite spectrum of a supposedly "healthy" bourgeois society begins to fall apart. Not even Julie's unconditional devotion can appease Liliom, who - although he loves her - often becomes violent towards her. When Julie becomes pregnant and the situation really comes to a head, he becomes involved with the wrong people and takes part in a failed robbery attempt.

Yet he remains convinced: "...even a low-down good-for-nothing can make a man of himself." Will he get a second chance?

Albert Horne conducts the Hessian State Orchestra of Wiesbaden.


Conductor Albert Horne
Choreographer Tim Plegge
Stage Designer Andreas Auerbach
Costume Designer Judith Adam
Lighting Design Tanja Rühl
Dramaturgy Karin Dietrich


Grosses Haus19:30 - 21:40
19:00 Introduction in the Foyer
Afterwards: »Small Talk« with the Academy »Sprechen Sie Tanz«