We, 26.06.2019
Premiere | Participate!Grosses Haus19:30
"I have all the time in the world! I have a time machine!"
Marty McFly Junior
After the success of "Odyssee_21" during the 2015/16 season, Tim Plegge once again embarks on a journey with 80 dance enthusiasts and people with movement experience. This time, the question is not only "where do we come from?", but much rather "where are we going?" and "what type of human body does the future require?"

People have always been fascinated with the concept of the future and this is especially nowadays, where the pace of life is faster than ever before. Enter the real physical body, in a virtual world of robots, smart phones, social networks and dating sites. How do we get old today and how will we age in future? How old will we as humans become and how long do we really want to live? Are we as dependant on our human bodies as we think, or do we actually not need them anymore?

Futurologists, professional sceptics, dreamers, realists, people who dream of a future and those who live in the now, are all invited to investigate these themes through dance and movement.

People over the age of 16, who have movement experience of all kinds (dance, sport, martial arts etc.), are invited to take part. In total, approximately 40 participants are sought, who will then take part in dance clubs in Wiesbaden and Darmstadt. In addition, there will be a group of students aged 14 and over in both cities.

Please download the registration for more information about rehearsals, dates and registration (in German only):


Artistic Director Tim Plegge
Dramaturgy Lisanne Wiegand
Dance Education Nira Priore Nouak, Sibylle Magel


Premiere | Participate!Grosses Haus19:30