Sa, 09.06.2018
World PremiereKleines Haus19:30
In the "Youth Ballet" series, Tim Plegge once again approaches the process of growing up as a time of adaptation and rebellion, and explores everyday themes which young adults, their friends and peers experience: exclusion, social status, sexuality, gender roles, self-assertion, self-confidence and moral courage.

What if I was a girl and not a boy? What if I made different choices, or had better clothes - does it all really have anything to do with me as a person? Boys don't cry and girls do not fight; girls put on make-up while the boys go climbing and skating. Right? Perhaps there is a little grey area; that moment, when we decide to do the unexpected!

OPENS: 2 June 2018


Choreography Tim Plegge
Stage Designer Flurin Borg Madsen
Costume Designer Janine Werthmann
Dramaturgy Esther Dreesen-Schaback


World PremiereKleines Haus19:30
World PremiereKleines Haus19:30
World PremiereKleines Haus11:00
World PremiereKleines Haus19:30