Passione special – Mozart!

Elke Heidenreich & Marc-Aurel Floros
We celebrate Mozart from the evening deep into the night
and over the course of the next day, for 24 hours!
Su, 05.05.2019
2019 International May Festival | Mozart24Grosses Haus Foyer15:00
Photo: Bettina Flittner

"And there the parents suddenly stood in front of a crocodile." That's what Nikolaus Harnoncourt said about the incomprehensible phenomenon of Mozart. Elke Heidenreich (reading) and Marc-Aurel Floros (piano) deal with this crocodile in a light and relaxed matinee devoted solely to Wolfgang Amadeus.
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Foto: Leo von Kleist
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24 Hour Ticket
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For a convenient and budget-friendly experience, this and many other performance are accessible with the »Mozart24« 24 Hour Ticket. The 24 Hour Ticket is available HERE. Should you wish to book individual performances only, simply follow the ticket button link under the relevant performance date(s).


Reading Elke Heidenreich
Piano Marc-Aurel Floros