Empfohlen ab 16 Jahren

My big sister taught me this Lap Dance

Performative Porn Cinema
Su, 26.08.2018
Wiesbaden BiennaleStudio19:00 - 23:00
Photo: Manuel Vason
Photo: Manuel Vason

British performer Rosana Cade invides solo audience members into asmall booth. A single chair, red lighting. Open your legs. Put your hands byyour sides. No touching. Those are the rules. She then performs the lap dancethat used to be a professional routine for her older sister Amy. Two sisters: Oneworked in the sex industry for years, the other as a performance artist. Bothfeminists questioning the gaze a-t the female body. Rosana Cade performs thelap dance perfectly. She challenges the person watching her to look at hernaked body, it’s impossible to avoid. Who’s looking at whom here? In a game ofrevelations and manipulations, Rosana Cade traps her spectators in a complexweb of contradictory visual axes. An experiment in professional intimacy thatturns everyone into a voyeur and yet is deeply moving.