Orchester La Juan D’Arienzo | Buenos Aires | Argentina

Salón Tango

with choreography by Gabriel Sala
Tango Concert and Dance with Orchester La Juan D’Arienzo

Photo: Andreas Pichel

In 1962, after receiving extensive musical education in Argentina, Italian immigrant Juan D'Arienzo founded his own tango orchestra. The orchestra still remains one of the most popular tango ensembles of all time. His masterful rhythmic arrangements earned him the name "El Rey del Compás", King of the Beat. Formed in 2012, the young orchestra La Juan D’Arienzo began to revive the incomparable style of the master with a new generation of highly talented musicians. The main arranger and bandleader is Facundo Lázzari, whose grandfather was the arranger in the orchestra of Juan D'Arienzo.


Bandoneon Ricardo Badaracco, Facundo Lazzari, Adolfo Trepiana, Nicolás Tognola
Violin Octavio Bianchi, Sebastián Frasson, Pablo Ginzburg, Emilio Néstor Pagano
Double Bass Emilio Longo
Piano Pablo Valle
Dance Couples Sarita Apel & Gabriel Sala, Natalia Beráscola & Jürgen Schmidt, Tanja Kuhn & Jürgen Kuhn, Susanne Windrich & Roger Windrich, Eva-Maria Hammer & Dominik Totsche