Skia Lumière Noire

Sa, 25.08.2018
Wiesbaden BiennaleKleines Haus21:00
Photo: Jimmy Kets

Vincent Glowinski is a figure of darkness who leaves his marks on the cityas Bonom. Huge murals on firewalls,spread over many storeys, appear overnight,while he stays in the dark. Now he appears on stage, a diminutive body movingin the dark. Each movement is a brushstroke creating a portrait of his appearingand disappearing: a human paintbrush painting itself. A dance whose object isnot its own movement, but the painting it creates with its movement. Withincredible agility, Vincent Glowinski aka Bonom throws drawings up onto thetemporary screen in the painting workshop, the result of nothing but themovements of his body. He has perfected this technique over many years, atechnique that allows him to use his own body as a drawing implement with thehelp of a camera and delayed projections. This produces a movingly delicatepanorama of a fleeting existence that shifts between a tentative self-portrait,iconographic images of suffering and playful vulgarity.