By Michel Houellebecq
Adapted for the stage by Anna-Sophia Güther & Tom Gerber
Performed in German

France amidst campaign fever. Will the right-wing politician Marina le Pen be elected as president this time? Literary professor François follows the events from a bored distance at home in front of his TV screen. He has other problems after all, for instance the fact that his latest student flirtation just ended in her calling him "a boringly normal guy with a hard-on". Luckily there's still the internet and YouPorn...

Michel Houellebecq's latest novel draws up a vision of the immediate future in which Marine le Pen not only with the election, but also becomes the presidential candidate of the newly formed Muslim Brotherhood Party. This new alliance between state and religion is accepted by self-indifferent intellectuals without question.

In this one-man show, Tom Gerber - directed by Uwe Eric Laufenberg - will bring the decadent intellectual François to life.

OPENS 14 September 2017


Director Uwe Eric Laufenberg
Stage Designer Matthias Schaller
Costume Designer Anne Buffetrille