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Uwe Kraus liest:
»Der Zitronentisch«

A reading of Julian Barnes' "The Lemon Table"
By Julian Barnes
Read in German
Tu, 14.05.2019
Reading | 2019 International May FestivalGrosses Haus Foyer19:30 - 21:00
This performance has been rescheduled for 2 June 2019.
Uwe Kraus
Photo: Simon Hegenberg

Uwe Kraus reads two stories by English master narrator Julian Barnes. In the first text, "Wachdienst" (original: "Vigilance"), an aficionado of classical music complains about the increasing misbehaviour amongst his fellow concert-goers and of the increasingly dramatic steps his vigilance requires as he seeks to reduce the level of noise in the audience around him. In the second narrative, "Stille" (original: "The Silence"), we hear the musings of an elderly Sibelius as he struggles to complete his Eighth Symphony. Pianist Tim Hakwen provides the musical backdrop to the reading.


Reading Uwe Kraus
Piano Tim Hawken