Verlorene Kämpfer
Vom Ende der Roten Armee Fraktion

Lost Warriors
Theatre project by Clemens Bechtel &
Maxi Obexer
Performed in German
Fr, 03.05.2019
Not very much is known about the third generation of the Red Army Faction (RAF). What we do know, is that there are obvious points of reference to Wiesbaden: important RAF leaders grew up, lived and worked here. But what role did the city play? Which significant institutions and structures existed in the 1980s? Which personal stories, longings and ideals might we be able to reconstruct? When does revolutionary potential even emerge, and how do (or did) we deal with it?

Together, director, author and ensemble go in search of clues, looking for the stories behind the story - to find out how a city like Wiesbaden became the springboard of the last RAF generation and how their journey into the underground played out.


Premiere | World PremiereWartburg19:30
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