5th Symphony Concert
Giovanni Gabrieli Canzoni for Wind Ensemble
Paul Hindemith "Trauermusik" Suite for Viola and String Orchestra
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy "Lobgesang" Symphony-Cantata

This season, the traditional choral concert once again features the Wiesbaden City Choir (director: Christoph Stiller) and the Wiesbaden State Theatre's Opera Chorus (chorus master: Albert Horne), with GMD Patrick Lange on the podium. "Alles, was Odem hat, lobe den Herrn" (Everything that has breath praise the Lord) is the eponymous motif of Mendelssohn's Symphony-Cantata "Lobgesang". The work's thematic material revolves around man's journey from darkness to light. Chorales form the basis of Gabrieli's "Canzoni", a theme which also recurs in Hindemith's "Trauermusk", and reaches a climax in Mendelssohn's "Lobgesang". While the latter utilises the full musical power of the orchestra, the other two works focus on individual instrumental groups: brass in the Gabrieli and strings in the Hindemith.


Conductor Patrick Lange
Chorus Master: Chorus of the Wiesbaden State Theatre Albert Horne
Chorus Master: Wiesbaden City Choir Christoph Stiller
Soprano Christina Landshamer, Marie Henriette Reinhold
Tenor Christian Elsner
Viola Teresa Schwamm
Chor des Hessischen Staatstheaters Wiesbaden, Chor der Stadt Wiesbaden


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