Youth Concerts

Concert, JUSTFoyer Grosses Haus0-3
Concert, JUSTFoyer Grosses Haus3+

Der Teddy und die Tiere

The Teddy and the Animals
Music by Werner Thomas-Mifune and text by Michael Ende
Mobile production
Concert, JUSTFoyer Grosses Haus3+
Chamber Concert for Children

Der Froschkönig

The Frog Prince
Music by Bernhard Gortheil and texts by the Grimm Brothers
Concert, JUSTFoyer Grosses Haus5+
1st Chamber Concert for Children

Die Schneekönigin

The Snow Queen
Based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, with chamber music for strings by Grieg, Vivaldi et al.
Concert, JUSTFoyer Grosses Haus6+
2nd Chamber Concert for Children

Der kleine Prinz

The Little Prince
Based on the story by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, with French chamber music for woodwinds by Ravel, Ibert et al.
Concert, JUSTOrchestra Rehearsal Room5+

Spiel & Musik

Introduction to the world of music