News | 12.06.2019

Wilhelmstraße Festival Traffic Delays

Lines 1 and 8 will be diverted via Taunusstraße and Sonnenberger Straße as from Thursday at 10:00 and bus stops "Kurhaus/Theater", "Webergasse" and "Kochbrunnen" will not be operational. Passengers are requested to make use of the stops "Kurhaus/Theater" (line 16) in Wilhelmstraße or the replacement stop "Kochbrunnen" in Taunusstraße.

Further diversions will take place from Friday, 14 June until 10:00 on Sunday, 16 June. During this time, lines 1, 2, 8, 16 and N10 will be diverted via Schwalbacher and Coulinstraße. The  bus stops "Friedrichstraße", "Kurhaus/Theater" and "Kirchgasse" will not be operational. Please use "Wilhelmstraße" and "Dernsches Gelände", as well as the replacement stop "Webergasse", "Kureck" or "Platz der Deutschen Einheit".

Additional night services will be offered from 14 - 16 June. Further information is available at the us stops or by calling (0611) 45022450.