Song Recital

»Mein Geist dürstet nach Taten, mein Atem nach Freiheit«

Günther Groissböck, Bass
Alexandra Goloubitskaia, Piano
Works by Schubert & Mahler

Günther Groissböck
Photo: Dominik Stixenberger
Alexandra Goloubitskaia
Photo: Mary Marshania

"Mein Geist dürstet nach Taten, mein Atem nach Freiheit"...
Günther Groissböck dedicates his song recital to freedom, revolution and the spirit of Sturm und Drang. He fittingly captions the evening with a quotation from "Die Räuber" by Friedrich Schiller: "My spirit yearns for action, my breath for freedom".

The Austrian bass performs Franz Schubert's settings of texts by Goethe and Mayrhofer, as well as songs from "Des Knaben Wunderhorn" by Gustav Mahler.