By Joshua Harmon
Performed in German, in a version by Anika Bárdos
Sa, 24.04.2021
Wartburg19:30 - 21:25
Performance cancelled
Trailer: Andreas J. Etter

It's time change, says Sherri Mason-Rosenfeld, the head of the admissions office at a privileged high school in the USA, whose graduates in turn have good chances of studying at one of the top universities. For this reason, she fights with great dedication for increased diversity in her own school. But even Sherri cannot seem to avoid applying double standards when her son Charlie loses his place at Yale while his equally qualified best friend Perry is assigned a spot. This "reverse racism" sees Perry, the son of a black man, being favoured in the admissions process, making it much more challenging to be a "good" white family and to fight against discrimination in the face of this imminent loss of white privilege.

New York author Joshua Harmon, who achieved great success with "Bad News" (2012) and "Significant Other" (2015) on Broadway and in London's West End, challenges the upper middle class establishment in his plays. In "Admissions", the well-meaning intellectual and primarily white middle class are faced with a moral dilemma: when push comes to shove, are they really as open-minded in their world view as they thought?


Director / Stage Designer Daniela Kerck
Costume Designer Hannah König
Dramaturgy Anika Bárdos
Sherri Rosen-Mason Jacqueline Macaulay
Bill Mason Martin Plass
Charlie Luther Mason Linus Schütz
Ginnie Peters Ragna Guderian
Roberta Evelyn M. Faber


PremiereWartburg19:30 - 21:25
Wartburg19:30 - 21:25
Wartburg19:30 - 21:25
Wartburg19:30 - 21:25
Wartburg19:30 - 21:25