JUST | 4+


A feline »meow«-sical by Agneta Elers-Jarleman
Su, 12.12.2021
Premiere | Youth State MusicalStudio15:00
Four abandoned cats have found their home among rubbish bins in the backyard of a pizzeria. Each has her own destiny, and dreams of a better life: Snow White, who was a birthday present for a girl who actually wanted a dog; Mizzi Motzartella, who fell in love with a devilish tomcat in Italy; the grey tomcat Maunz, whose owners have simply disappeared; and the red Prince Marmalade, who claims to be the son of the King of Katzmandu.

A cheerful and romantically wistful backyard concert about the trials and tribulations of life.


Director & Choreographer Iris Limbarth
Stage Design Britta Lammers
Costume Design Heike Korn


Premiere | Youth State MusicalStudio15:00