Drama, JUST | 9+

Die Wutschweiger

By Jan Sobrie & Raven Ruëll
Su, 13.02.2022
Premiere | Youth DramaStudio15:00
»Welcome to the club... the You're-in-the-shit Club«.
This is how Sammy greets Ebeneser, the new boy who has just moved into her gritty residential neighbourhood. Sammy and Ebeneser know each from from school. Ebeneser is smart and comes from an educated family; Sammy is rough, feisty and has problems with learning and social behaviour. But, she is honest. In a flash, the two become friends. Ebeneser was forced to move with his parents to the poor high-rise where Sammy also lives. »It'll only be for a short time«, his father said, but Sammy laughs at that. »My father told my the exact same thing!« When it becomes clear that Sammy and Ebeneser will not be allowed to go on the upcoming school trip – a ski week – because their parents cannot afford the high costs, the children's first initial reaction is pain and anger. Then they decide not to speak to each other at school anymore – an act of protest and anger – until Sammy breaks the silence.

»Wutschweiger« was awarded the Dutch-German Children's and Youth Drama Prize Kaas & Kapper in 2019, as well as the Baden-Württemberg Youth Theatre Prize in 2020. The piece was also nominated for the German Children's Theatre Prize in 2020.


Director Mia Constantine
Design Brigitte Schima
Dramaturgy Marie Johannsen
Learning & Participation Luisa Schumacher


Premiere | Youth DramaStudio15:00