JUST | 12+

Sister Act

Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Glenn Slater
Book Cheri Steinkellner & Bill Steinkellner
Sa, 04.03.2023
Premiere | Youth State MusicalWartburg19:30
Photo: Logvinyuk Yuliia, Shutterstock / Gestaltung: formdusche.de
Nightclub singer Deloris Van Cartier witnesses her lover, Curtis Shank, committing a murder. Shank is an important figure in the underworld and as Deloris tries to flee, he sets his henchmen on her. Deloris is forced to hide in a Catholic convent, disguising herself as Sister Mary Clarence. After a turbulent period of adjustment, she becomes the ideal choir mistress for the rather overly polyphonic nuns' choir, which, through her guidance, finally attracts people (and even the Pope!) to the church again. However, her success also blows her cover and attracts the attention of the gangsters who are still out looking for her.

The musical "Sister Act" is based on the film of the same name starring Whoopi Goldberg. With rousing music by multiple Oscar winner Alan Menken and an exciting and funny plot, the musical made its highly successful Broadway debut in 2011. It has remained a worldwide hit since then.


Director & Choreographer Iris Limbarth
Musical Director Frank Bangert
Stage Design Britta Lammers
Costume Design Heike Korn


Premiere | Youth State MusicalWartburg19:30