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Compagnie Gingolph Gateau | FR

21 × 29,7

By Gingolph Gateau
Paper theatre, without language
Fr, 20.05.2022
Youth ProgrammeWartburg10:00 - 10:45
Trailer: 21 × 29,7
21 × 29,7
Photo: Philippe Rappeneau
21 × 29,7
Photo: Philippe Rappeneau
21 × 29,7
Photo: Philippe Rappeneau
21 × 29,7
Photo: Philippe Rappeneau
21 × 29,7
Photo: Philippe Rappeneau

A piece of paper sized 21 × 29.7 cm exactly: Gingolph Gateau makes fairytale worlds appear in folds and crinkles, turning over a new leaf in storytelling through his paper theatre.

Locked in his sterile office, a quality control employee at a paper mill checks whether sheets from the production line conform to the 21 × 29.7 cm format. Those that do not conform are crumpled up. Suddenly, in the midst of this pile of crumpled paper, he discovers a wrinkled, weak and wobbly little man made of paper! The controller wants to protect the little man and lets him escape from the recycling shredder. Together they make discoveries, experience surprises, despair and moments of happiness. Shapes made of paper unfold and develop a life of their own. The power of imagination and the precious commodity of paper allow the stressed quality manager to have fun and escape the reality of his existence.

The choreography is accompanied by customised music in an ode to imagination and freedom.


Concept & Direction Gingolph Gateau
Music Dominique Maraquin
Lighting & Technical Direction Guillaume Cottret
Set & Costume Design, Puppet Props Gingolph Gateau
Assistant Costume & Prop Designer Jennifer Minard
Outside Eye Pierre Humbert
Construction Philippe Briot, Matthieu Gerlier, Gingolph Gateau
Performer Gingolph Gateau

Partners & Sponsors

"21 × 29.7" was premiered as part of a residency at the 28th Tinta'mars Festival in Langres. The piece was financed by DRAC Grand Est specifically for performances in the school environment. Co-produced by the Tinta'mars Festival, the City of Langres and La Madeleine Theatre, Troyes.

The Gingolph Gateau theatre ensemble is supported by the Grand Est Region, the Ministry of Culture - Regional Directorate for Cultural Affairs of the Grand Est Region, the City of Troyes and the Confiture Maison graphic workshop, as well as Institut français and the French Ministry of Culture. The piece is supported by Clairefontaine and by the company CMD2.