FutureLAB: Aerowaves

Dance accross Europe

»Dance accross Europe«

Photo: Sven-Helge Czichy
The first steps are always the hardest – this is true for dancers, as well as choreographers. Making ones mark in a very competitive industry, developing an individual aesthetic, creating innovative and forward-thinking works: these pressures often influence the initial path in a choreographer's career.

In addition to hosting guest choreographers and productions, the Hessisches Staatsballett is also particularly keen to give young choreographers a stage. As such, the company is also a in the Europe-wide dance network Aerowaves.

Aerowaves began in 1996 at The Place in London, as a small group of European dance colleagues brought together by John Ashford, then Director of the theatre there. He wanted to draw on their international knowledge to help sort through a pile of video tapes he'd received from young dance companies from all over Europe, and then present the 10 most promising short pieces at The Place Theatre. Aerowaves now has partners in 33 countries. The network brings together the professional knowledge, personal insight and love for dance of 44 members. Each year in October, these partners vote for the next group of Aerowaves Twenty artists. This takes place at an intensive meeting where hundreds of videos are watched and discussed.

Since 1996, and particularly since 2009, Aerowaves Twenty artists have been invited to perform in more than 50 cities in 20 countries. Under the Creative Europe Platforms scheme, which currently funds Aerowaves' activities, 27 Aerowaves partners will programme at least three Aerowaves Twenty artists each year until 2021.


Choreography Fouad Boussouf
Assistant Choreographer Sami Blond
Sound Design Marion Castor, Lucien Zerrad
Dramaturgy Mona El Yafi
Scenography Raymond Sarti
Costume Design Anaïs Heureaux
Lighting Design Fabrice Sarcy
Dancers Nadim Bahsoun, Sami Blond, Mathieu Bord, Loïc Elice, Filipa Correia Lescuyer und Mwendwa Marchand
Oud, Percussion, Vocals Mohanad Aljaramani
Guitar, Oud Lucien Zerrad