Anna Nicole

Music by Mark-Anthony Turnage, Libretto by Richard Thomas
Opera in two acts
Sung in English, with German surtitles.
Sa, 15.02.2020
PremiereGrosses Haus19:30
Anna Nicole: sex symbol, party girl, male fantasy object, bosom miracle, billionaire wife and tablet junkie. With a life full of contradictions, her biography could easily have provided ample material for a daytime soap. Mark-Anthony Turnage and librettist Richard Thomas grabbed the opportunity and turned the material into a real soap opera: a fast-paced revue, filled with witty language and musical humour, spiced with a few razor-sharp dissonances, exciting instrumentation and rocky drum rhythms. "Anna Nicole" is a fast-paced piece that effortlessly strikes a balance between belting musical hit and operatic coloratura. Bernd Mottl, known for productions such as "Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg", "Manon" and "Schade, dass sie eine Hure war", returns to Wiesbaden to stage "Anna Nicole" as an opera show. Elissa Huber takes on the challenging lead role, while Albert Horne conducts the Hessian State Orchestra.


Conductor Albert Horne
Director Bernd Mottl
Stage & Costume Design Friedrich Eggert
Chorus Master Albert Horne
Choreographer Myriam Lifka
Lighting Design Klaus Krauspenhaar
Dramaturgy Daniel C. Schindler
Theatre Pedagogy Luisa Schumacher
Anna Nicole Elissa Huber
Stern Christopher Bolduc
Virgie Margarete Joswig
J. Howard Marshall Uwe Eikötter
Shelley / Marshall Family Lena Haselmann
Mayor of Mexia / Larry King Christopher Diffey
Trucker / Doctor / Marshall Family Ralf Rachbauer
Deputy Mayor / Patron / Runner Frederic Mörth
Daddy Hogan / Marshall Family Daniel Carison
Kay / Marshall Family Annette Luig
Melissa / News Reporter Fleuranne Brockway
Billy / News Reporter Nathaniel Webster
Lap Dancer 1 Radoslava Vorgic
Lap Dancer 2 Karolina Liçi
Lap Dancer 3 Maike Menningen
Lap Dancer 4 Jessica Poppe
Teenage Daniel David Krahl
Dancers Sofia Romano, Anna Heldmaier, Sarah Steinemer, Jasper H. Hanebuth, Soeren Niewelt, Max Menendez-Vazquez, Nathalie Gehrmann (Swing)
Chor des Hessischen Staatstheaters Wiesbaden, Hessisches Staatsorchester Wiesbaden


PremiereGrosses Haus19:30
Grosses Haus19:30
19:00 Pre-performance talk,
followed by a post-performance discussion after the show
Grosses Haus19:30
19:00 Pre-performance talk in the Foyer
Grosses Haus19:30
19:00 Pre-performance talk in the Foyer
Grosses Haus19:30
19:00 Pre-performance talk in the Foyer
Grosses Haus19:30
19:00 Pre-performance talk in the Foyer