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Saxophone Quartet – Saxophonquartett
Photo: Michael Jungblut – Saxophonquartett
Photo: Alexander Steffens

Whether performing Johann Sebastian Bach's "The Art of Fugue", Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition" or compositions by Philipp Glass - the Saxophone Quartet is known for exploring unexpected genres and epochs. As a listener, one can hardly imagine that the saxophone did not exist during Bach's lifetime; even his works arranged for four saxophones sound as if they were written especially for the quartet! was founded in 2005 and soon made a name for itself with highly endowed prizes and awards at national and international competitions. Among others, the quartet won 1st prize and the Grand Prix at the International Contemporary Chamber Music Competition in Krakow, the German Music Prize and the Bergamo Classical Music Award.


Saoprano Saxophone Adrian Tully
Alto Saxophone Alexander Doroshkevich
Tenor Saxophone Taewook Ahn
Baritone Saxophone Annegret Tully


International May FestivalFoyer Grosses Haus11:00 - 12:30