Concert, JUST | 16+

Club Classique

No 1: Jazz & Classics
Lounge with musicians from the Hessian State Orchestra
Sa, 07.12.2019
Youth ConcertWartburg20:00
Classic meets electro, funk, jazz and world music: in "Club Classique", musicians from the Hessian State Orchestra indulge their hidden musical passions in fusion with other genres. End the day in a laid-back atmosphere with inspiring sounds, good conversation and refreshing drinks at the bar.




Youth ConcertWartburg20:00
Youth ConcertWartburg20:00
Youth ConcertWartburg20:00
The complete performance of »Die Küste Utopias« is bookable as a subscription at the Box Office from 24.04.2020. Individual performances will go on sale from 1.10.2020, subject to availability.