Drama, Performance

Das Schattenkabinett

By Bernd Freytag

Bernd Freytag
Photo: Stefan Kuntner
Mark Polscher
Photo: Frauke Wichmann

At the origin of European theatre is the chorus: not soloists, but a chorus formed from parts of the community that reassures itself by speaking, singing and dancing together. For "Das Schattenkabinett", Bernd Freytag and Mark Polscher put together a five-member choir consisting of citizens of Wiesbaden. In a sense, this citizen's choir represents a shadow cabinet, one which does not actively exercise its power but fantasises about taking on governmental responsibility.


Direction Bernd Freytag, Mark Polscher
Music Mark Polscher
Technical Advisor Anselm Stählin
Assistance Sven Hartlep
With Wiesbadener Bürger*Innen