Tim Plegge

Ballet Director & Head Choreographer
Photo: De-Da Productions
Tim Plegge was born in Berlin. Following an exchange year at the École de Cirque de Bordeaux, he trained as dancer in the Netherlands and at the Hamburg Ballet’s John Neumeier School. After successful dance engagements, he studied choreography at the University of Dramatic Art Ernst Busch in Berlin, followed by assistantships with Helena Waldmann and Christian Spuck. From 2006 onwards, he created works for Kiel Ballet, the Noverre-Gesellschaft in Stuttgart, as well as the State Ballet companies in Berlin and Karlsruhe, during which period the 2012 world premiere of his narrative ballet “Momo” in Karlsruhe attracted particular interest. In 2013 he also caused a stir with the piece “They”, which played in Berlin’s spectacular club Berghain. Created in collaboration with painter Norbert Bisky, it epitomises Plegge’s desire to bring different art forms into creative dialogue through the medium of dance. In this regard, he made his operatic directing debut during the 2013/2014 season in Karlsruhe with Stravinsky’s “The Nightingale”, and worked with media artist Elke Reinhuber on the collaborative dance piece “Orpheus”. In 2013, “tanz” Magazine’s year book hailed Plegge as one of the “great hopefuls of dance…who will shape the future”.