Part 3

Die Küste Utopias: Bergung

The Coast of Utopia: Salvage
By Tom Stoppard
Performed in German, in a version by Wolf Christian Schröder

Alexander Herzen remains the main character in the third part, which takes us to London in 1853. In addition, other characters who were previously on the sidelines now also enter the main plot: these include Herzen's friend Nikolai Ogarjow and the writer Ivan Turgenjew. The fire of revolution is now only a flicker, and the remaining creative minds are hopelessly at odds with each other. Mikhail Bakunin is in prison, and the dream of change has never seemed more unattainable. There is a sense of radicalisation and fanaticism. The end belongs to the coming generation, and despite the knowledge of the coming upheavals and the devastation of communism, the journey to the "Coast of Utopia" ends with hope, three decades after its "Voyage" began.


Director Henriette Hörnigk
Stage Designer Gisbert Jäkel
Costume Designer Claudia Charlotte Burchard
Music / Sound Bernd Bradler
Dramaturgy Anika Bárdos
Alexander Herzen Matze Vogel
Sasha Herzen Felix Strüven
Nikolay Ogarev Linus Schütz
Natasha Ogarev Maria Wördemann
Michail Bakunin / Alexandre Ledru-Rollin Paul Simon
Nikolay Chernyshevsky / Ernest Jones Lukas Schrenk
Tata Herzen Klara Wördemann
Ivan Turgenev Philipp Steinheuser
Maria Fromm Christina Tzatzaraki
Malwida von Meysenbug Lina Habicht
Mary Sutherland / Teresina Lena Hilsdorf
Karl Marx N. N.
Zenkowicz / Perotkin Felix Strüven
Gottfried Kinkel Christoph Kohlbacher
Johanna Kinkel Mira Benser
Stanislaw Worcell Martin Plass
Mrs. Blainey Mira Benser
Slepzow Felix Vogel
Doctor Christoph Kohlbacher
Louis Blanc Felix Vogel
Mazzini Lena Hilsdorf
Arnold Ruge Philipp Steinheuser
Lajos Kossuth Felix Strüven