Peter Michalzik | DE

Die Liebe in Gedanken

By Peter Michalzik
The story of Boris Pasternak, Marina Zwetajewa und Rainer Maria Rilke
Presented in German

Peter Michalzik
Photo: Manfred Koetter
Constanze Becker
Photo: Birgit Hupfeld
Philipp Hauß
Photo: Jeanne Degraa
Werner Wölbern
Photo: Stefan Klüter

The summer of 1926 brought together three of the greatest poets of the 20th century: Boris Pasternak, Marina Tsvetaeva and Rainer Maria Rilke. Yet they never met in person – Tsvetaeva lived in exile in France, Pasternak remained in Bolshevik Moscow, and Rilke was already suffering from terminal illness in Switzerland. They did, however, manage to find another unusual meeting place: their thoughts. Although the three hardly knew each other, a chain of correspondence developed during that summer in which almost every aspect of art and life was discussed in the most passionate ways imaginable. The result was an exchange of letters destined for perpetuity.

In his book "Die Liebe in Gedanken" (Love in Thoughts), Peter Michalzik, long-time theatre critic and editor of the "Frankfurter Runschau", traces the circumstances of this love story through these letters, allowing the three poets to have their say in great detail. At the 2022 International May Festival, their correspondence will come to life in a thought-provoking reading by theatre stars Bettina Hoppe, Philipp Hauß and Werner Wölbern.


Text & Adaptation Peter Michalzik
Music Philipp Weber
Featuring Constanze Becker, Philipp Hauß, Werner Wölbern