Concert, JUST | 5+
Chamber Concert for Children

Die Prinzessin auf der Erbse

The Princess and the Pea
Music by Andreas N. Tarkmann and text by Hans Christian Andersen
Adapted by Jörg Schade
Sa, 26.09.2020
Youth ConcertGrosses Haus Foyer15:00
Composer Andreas N. Tarkman brings the two main characters from the famous fairy tale "The Princess and the Pea" to musical life: the young princess who can feel a tiny pea through a huge number of mattresses, and the prince, who encounters many bizarre characters in his search for a real princess. Actress Chris Pichler narrates Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale, while musicians from the Hessian State Orchestra and pianist Polina Grishaeva provide the music.


Narrator Chris Pichler
Piano Polina Grishaeva
Bläser- & Streichersolisten des Hessischen Staatsorchester Wiesbaden


Youth ConcertGrosses Haus Foyer15:00
Youth ConcertGrosses Haus Foyer15:00