Drama, JUST | 14+

Die weiße Rose – lebt

By Günther Breden
Performed in German

Sophie has traced the true story of her namesake Sophie Scholl and her brother Hans, the two protagonists of the resistance group »The White Rose«, resulting in a play about the last minutes of their lives. Now she needs to find fellow players for her piece. Her classmate Manni is one of them, although he seems to have more interest in Sophie than in the story itself, and also has his own reservations: »Nobody wants to hear this old snot!«

But as Sophie works on her play, she discovers more and more parallels, resulting in a surprisingly authentic and hauntingly current portrayal of »The White Rose«. A piece about vigilance, courage and commitment, based in part on the letters and notes of the Scholl siblings.


Director Sophie Pompe
Theatre Pedagogy Laura zur Nieden
Sophie Altmann Yasmin Malina
Manfred Gebauer Paul Schön
Einspieler Christoph Kohlbacher